Slideshare blogging clickbait

After reading about the Informed blog the other day I was looking for a memory stick and came across the HLG Conference presentation I gave about (the) Health Informaticist group blog I used to write for.

I finally got round to setting up a SlideShare account and popped it up.

Fun to note is the extent of the click baity nature of the presentation title. Within a few hours it had already had nearly a hundred views (though it then slowed down) without me having made any effort to push it.  Another (very exciting) presentation about a small library refurb has drawn fewer (ahem) views.

Nice to think about it being seen by a few more people as the original presentation was seen by about fifty people and I doubt many found it on the HLG site this is probably the most people who have had access to it.  The fairly obvious merits of putting things where people can find them.

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