Occupational therapy training session thoughts

I ran a session this morning on literature searching for a group of hand therapy specialist occupational therapists.

Looking ahead of time I noted some general sites

OTSeeker a good place to find details of OT interventions

OTCATS for Critically Appraised Topics

and a nice general libguide from Edith Cowan University in Australia

I went with CINAHL for the demonstration but this proved to be a challenge as the subject headings lack detail around the structures of the hand.

We did some interesting searching around trying to retrieve PIPJ (Proximal Interphalangeal Joint Injuries) but it was hard to pin this down through the subject headings at all.

Arthoplast* Rehabilit* proved a nice example of a typo that returns results

I had a nightmare when we found Finger Joint Surgery/ as a subject heading from examining the full record but I was then unable to get CINAHL to map to it.

A mixed bag of a session!

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