Why read The organized mind?

I kept coming across mentions of The Organized Mind so took my prompt and had a read.  

Written by a neuroscientist it merits the time spent.

Early chapters deal with questions of how we currently believe our mind manages to retain and locate information.  Throughout it has handy suggestions of what the implications of this might be for how we should work, organise our possessions and support our brains natural tendencies. 

There is accordingly much to interest fans of to do lists, filing systems and categorisation generally.

Those with an interest in critical appraisal would do well to read chapter 6 “organizing information for the hardest decisions”. This offers some very clear explanations of assessing the implications of different medical decisions. It does this with two by two tables (there is a further appendix on this) and I think inspiration could be drawn from this for execises and building understanding. 

There is then a primer on information literacy though I suspect experts might find a bit to argue with (the section on wikipedia for example in the light of research on how that community of editors is maturing).

A worthwhile read!

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