January Update – the one with the familiar faces

Having sorted through the pile and discarded an issue from 2013 that mysteriously lacked several pages (possibly used to wrap a gift?) my CILIP Update catch up begins in January 2014.

The news section has not benefited from the passage of time.  I am very aware of having seen the turbulence from any major story on Twitter. The exceptions are a number of  rather churnalistic looking items on products and companies though nothing of note.

The first item of interest is some promotion of Sage QR enhanced ebooks. Moves to create something more than the paper book are welcome.  I am unconvinced of the convenience of things like chapter related answers not being in the book itself.  There is also not much in the way of discussion of licencing and plenty about DRM.

Having been till last year on the CILIP in London Branch committee I was impressed by the report of the North West Branch and Careers Development Group merger. The first familiar face crops with David Stewart.  The NW Branch clearly had a strong programme and it looks like this merger should help revive CDG activity in the area. London is perhaps struggling a bit on both Branch and CDG side with a small number of people involved considering the size of the membership.  I was involved in organising events for London branch and note that they are currently recruiting someone into this role. I really valued the CILIP in London evening events both for hearing about something of general professional interest and as a chance to meet interesting people.  I hope someone will pick it up and run with it. While setting up events is helpful I wonder if there might be a bigger benefit to members from providing tools and a forum to support the generation of multiple small events using something akin to Meetup? How could the London Members Network better support professional activity in the capital?

I had the pleasure of working with one of the instigators of The informed when on CILIP London Branch (Elly O’Brien), have met @ijclark and know Jennie through Twitter so the creation of this online space for professional  was not news to me.  It was good to read about how they used online tools to bring an idea rapidly to life.  The creation of an independent spae to host things is a useful one. It also makes me aware that my own blog reading has been slightly less intermittent than my blogging but still needs to be placed back on a more regular footing.

With my health hat on I was pleased to read about initiatives around dementia care through public libraries.  Important that this is commissioned and funded activity rather than something put together within existing resource.  The checklist sounded rather extensive. It was disappointing that while research evidence was mentioned the details of the papers were lacking.  Nice to spot another familar name in Helen Towers known from days before either of us worked in libraries.

Next on the roll call of familiar folk came Scott Gibbens (NHS Content days gone by) writing about the JISC historic books interface. Not my field but interesting in terms of work to combine fields and allow more powerful cross searching.  I spend a fair bit of time training and am regularly depressed by how primitive LIS systems tend to be.

A final familiar face was Adam Ray from my current employer KCL! I had already heard about his trip to Ghent via the staff blog and a presentation but it was great to see the pictures.

3 thoughts on “January Update – the one with the familiar faces

  1. I’m Jill Howard, Development Officer at CILIP and my role supports CILIP’s Special Interest Groups and Regional Member Networks.

    It’s great to hear that you valued CILIP in London evening meetings and to hear about your idea about possibly providing a forum to support multiple small events akin to Meetup. That’s something to put to our Member Networks for their ideas and views.

    I thought you might be interested to hear that this year we’ve started to provide spaces for Member Networks to share and interact on our Virtual Learning Environment including committee areas on the Member Networks Toolshed and Groups on our Portfolio platform.

    Being active in CILIP’s Member Networks can bring professional and personal benefits so I hope too that some CILIP members in London respond to the call for an Events co-ordinator.

    Best wishes, Jill.

    • Thanks Jill. Like a lot of people I suspect I need to do some more digging in the possibilities offered by the VLE. I did use Cilip Communities back in the day but I think it is more effective to take the conversation to where people are as a rule.

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