March Update – resumption of the catch up

My planned catch up with the 2014 CILIP Update backlog has been predictably knocked off track by other events.  I did also hesitate over whether I should read the new issue that has arrived so as to have current news.  Having decided to stick with the plan we find ourselves back in March with the House of Commons on the cover.

The news section announces the arrival of the Update App.  I have downloaded it but there my use ended. I think paper lends itself well to the kind of reading I do of Update.  Clickable links are appealing but as I generally read it on public transport this is not a big selling factor.  Glad to see this development anyway.

There is a fair bit of health related content in this issue.  Bursaries from HLG for Conference are a good example of the things a SIG can do to support members professional development (they also keep the costs of conference relatively affordable).  The report on the Sally Hernando awards aimed at sharing innovation and best practice in health information work across the NHS in England are also a fantastic initiative. I am one of the judges for the London area and love the insight and ideas they provide.  I welcome also the update on sending health librarian presenters to non librarian conferences which can only be a good thing for building understanding between the professions engaged in health work.

There a few reports of matters of wider interest around elending, the Finch Pilot and likely impacts of Universal Credit on public libraries. Being behind with reading meant the item on the then upcoming UKSG conference should have been too late.  However I am going to attend this conference for the first time next year so I did read it through and learnt a bit about the KBART format which I had somewhat taken for granted.

The value of a cross sector journal was brought home by the Legal Beagle column looking at embedded roles.  Questions of subject knowledge and the value of co-location are highly relevant to the liaison roles I am involved with. Co-location is a great way to really engage with users and to spot opportunities to make a difference.

The cover article on the House of Commons library was fantastic including things on authority, outreach, training and information literacy.  I liked their personal approach to new MPs and that it ended up becoming an offer to the wider group.

The two CILIP qualification articles went well together.  I plan to use the new revalidation rules over the next few days so watch this space for how it went.  The experiences of mentoring were helpful.  I think this is something where we should be able to do more through the professional body. I have felt the lack of a mentor on a number of occasions (my Chartership mentor back in the mists was a great example but was also my boss under one of the previous sets of regulations so not quite a mentor / mentee relationship). I have also seen members of my team struggle to find a mentor with capacity to take them on.  CILIP are working to offer more training on becoming a mentor which is great. I would like to see it go on and function as a wider clearing house for people to find mentors at all stages of their careers.

Finally I liked the MOOC etiquette article.  In common with many MOOC participants I failed to complete the ones I have started.  I think my failure to meet rule 5 (be engaged) meant I never really did enough of rules 3 and 4 (support others / bring gifts).  There was also just too much chat in the forums on the MOOC I took for me to engage with it.

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