April Update – 60 seconds special

Continuing my gentle potter to clear the backlog of CILIP Updates I reach April and an issue where I was the subject of the “60 Seconds with” (CILIP login required).  This was fun to be asked to do and I had a few people get in touch about it at the time so clearly some do read it.

In the news this month were a few bits on lobbying work – a new chair for the all party parliamentary group for libraries and details of the submission to the Seighart Review.  I was glad to see a clearer position adopted on the role of volunteers.

I liked the look of Copyrightuser.org a site I had not heard of before. A good looking resource aimed at explaining copyright to creatives and the public.

I found the reporting of a survey of PMLG disappointing.  A good response rate was claimed but not quantified which is unhelpful.  I also found it hard to follow the thread of the results.  The report on development around Information Management interests within CILIP was encouraging.

A couple of tech bits – Phil Bradley reports an interesting tool for looking at twitter Gwittr which could be handy for investigating details of how people use accounts (amused on trying it that it notes I tweeted Clang quite a lot).  I should use DuckDuckGo more but the wandering lifestyle my role requires means I end up on lots of different PCs and tend to stick to the default (it does mean I use Bing a bit).  The idea of emerging from the filter bubble is appealing.

I was glad to read about the work of the Internet Watch Foundation.  Interesting to put this work in juxtaposition with the research on internet filtering in Public Libraries.  Given the bluntness of filtering tools it is a worry that these are in place at most libraries and even imposed by their ISP in some cases.  Another nail in the coffin of the digital native was the observation that some of them have no smart phone and no internet at home.

This months library envy article is the Inner Temple library – pretty.

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