#buildalibrarian run complete but still open

Last Sunday saw me complete the run part of #buildalibrarian.


After Hoohaah race

On a personal level I was very pleased with a time of 52 minutes 11 seconds which was miles inside my previous best (and triggered some extra performance related money!).

Fund raising wise I have gone well beyond what I hoped.  At the time of typing there is over six hundred pounds on the totaliser even without the gift aid. The Just Giving site will stay active for another three months so there is still time for a bit more money to trickle in.  I have already updated it with some before and after pics.  There will be terrible red faced action shots worse than the above for kind supporters.

I hope to update in future about Partnerships in Health Information – have a look at their spiffy new website http://www.phiinafrica.org/!

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