A trip to the pharmacy

Some time ago now I visited the Library at the UCL School of Pharmacy.

After an informative talk we went for the usual poke around.  Access is via a rather narrow space which holds a lot of kit.  There are currently several print systems in operation – a not uncommon complication but unlikely to be helpful for staff or users.  A new self issue system was being put in operation.  The space was rather odd but did serve as a useful noise barrier.

The Library itself is fairly compact and combines white walls with glass accents and red furniture for a bit of colour.

UCL School of Pharmacy Library desks

A range of study spaces are available with a small amount of group study space.  Frosted glass dividers allow light to pass while offering privacy. An area for group work was divided off using large wooden pUCL School of Pharmacy Library group areaanels that were attractive but would be tricky to shift I suspect.






UCL School of Pharmacy Library display case


Some use was made of special collections type materials to give it a more pharmaceutical feel.

UCL School of Pharmacy Refectory

But I could not help wishing they had been able to have the space now used as a refectory that visitors to other libraries of the period (eg Senate House, NIMR at Mill Hill) will recognise as quite clearly designed for library use!

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