Hello 2016 (goodbye 2015)

The new year is going to see a shift in the balance of my role. Over the past couple of years I have been delivering a fairly steady stream of sessions on literature search and basic critical appraisal. The time has now come for me to hand the bulk of this work over.  I will be sorry in some ways as I enjoy delivering training, get positive feedback and it is useful for meeting people. I won’t miss the admin and look forward to being able to focus more on the engagement part of my role.

In terms of last years plans it has been a mixed bag.

I did revalidate OK (and am very disappointed that the latest attempt to require this failed to pass). I completed the first year of my AKC which was a relief given the very different nature of this course and the need to complete a hand written exam. I also enjoyed running my workshops at UKSG.

Less successful was clearing the CILIP Update backlog – I ended 2015 even further behind than I started it. I singularly failed to blog about an article from each issue of HILJ. I got next to nowhere with the PKSB.

I do not plan to review all of 2015 here – there are plenty of posts to look back over to give a flavour of it and I will doubtless reflect more when I complete my 2015 revalidation.

I am going to have another stab at clearing the Update pile. I will do HILJ if I get to it. I want to have a look at the CILIP CPD system generally and the PKSB remains a target. There will be work to do on the Metrics group I am chairing and I suspect I will end up talking about that at HLG.

I am looking forward to the year ahead a great deal.

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