Well beyond our walls at UHMLG18

My first attendance at a UHMLG Spring Forum was a positive experience with some inspiring talks that very much appealed to my desire to see positive work by health libraries in the world.

The presentations are available.  The one closest to interests at work was given by Antony Brewerton on what University of Warwick Library are doing around student wellbeing.  This is an important agenda across HE and the NHS and the scope and impact of their work was inspiring.  Recognising the needs of our students and addressing them in ways that drive engagement and create community is so positive.  I loved the idea of free fruit in exchange for sharing a revision tip.  The idea of hosting events related to some of the international students cultures was also a great way to help different student communities meet and address the feeling of being far from home.

I was also very interested to hear about the work of Evidence Aid.  This sounded quite a commitment time wise but with the potential to make a serious difference to workers out in the field.

A key message that came through the various talks looking at partnerships and projects in Low and Middle Income Countries was the imperative to have proper contact with the people on the ground.  This stands for all our interactions with library users (and non-users) where we need to be talking to them to understand what they need and where we might best make a difference.

The day closed with some lightning talks.  I would love to see an integrated membership form in our LMS as it could really free up time of the front of house team.  The Expo stage in the new Royal College of Surgeons of Ireland Library also presented a model for driving ownership and community.

I was one of the tweeting team for the day which I found fitted fairly well around the level of notes I would normally take.  I think I was probably too literal in my reporting some times but hopefully the links I added would have been helpful.

Some random nice extras were the recognition for Betsy Anagnostelis on her retirement and a bottle of champagne I won from one of the supplier stands!  A well organised and useful day. I hope to attend others.

Hum – just found this in draft – oops!


Update Feb 2016 (and Dec / Jan 2016)

So the old model of trying to work through the old issues was failing. New plan – the current issue plus most recent back issue with the new issue as the trigger to get it done. This should mean things are more current but I will probably write a bit less to get through them.

Dec 2015 / Jan 2016 first!

MyLibraryMyRight is an about time moment. Progress has been slow on the petition but I suspect this will be lower impact than some of the other measures. No action means the end of the public library service as the squeeze on local government operates to grimly collapse things.

The failure of the obligatory revalidation change to be voted through gets a small mention. The recent analysis released of patterns of voting seems to indicate it was mostly rejected by those later in their careers and in public libraries (not clear if these features intersect). Depressing.

A chunky Knowledge for Healthcare update. The scale of work underway is quite daunting and it is remarkable that work can be carried out England wide to this extent. Some great people on the leadership development programme and it will be great to see the projects that emerge from this.

Having had a chat about zines today at work I enjoyed the article on a workshop on these as part of the fun palaces initiative (which sound great – I wonder if we could have a fun palace at work next year though timing is not great for the academic year). A library zine might be a way to cut through some of the formality that tends to take over away from our social media communications.

Feb 2016

The cover story on a library in North Darfur was great. Such a positive piece of work and a recognition that libraries are about a lot more than books. 

The growth of content on the CILIP VLE is encouraging as a means for people to access CPD opportunities. I will have to have a rummage when I next go in to revalidate.

Service Transformation this issue from Knowledge for Healthcare. A challenge for me is how to respond to this work in the very different setting of an academic library that also serves the NHS. Very real change will be required for us to deliver on the KM and current awareness agendas. Document supply we sit largely outside the NHS schemes – could we export some of how we work at scale?

The Social Policy and Practice database sounds a useful resource. It isn’t in the national core content for NHS staff though I could see if being useful for a good number of people.