Hatching a plan

Since I started in my current post I have been busily engaged in all sorts of new experiences.  I have moved from my familiar NHS environment to a higher education institute.  From a small team to one with a couple of hundred people in it.  From being a head of my own little world to finding my way in a bigger structure.

I have been very active and have learnt a great deal.  I have not done much in the way of blogging (ahem) and have been intermittent on some of my other activities.  The plan is to carry out a quick loop of revalidation of my MCLIP.  As part of that I am going to carry out a cavalry charge catch up through the the pile of CILIP Updates that have been slowly accumulating where I tidy my work gear at home.

The revalidation process now requires at least 20 hours of CPD per year and this can include professional reading.  Interested to know if others are regularly commenting on what they find in Update and how people integrate it into their practice?